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Whether you are seasoned BBQ Pitmaster or an

weekend warrior that enjoys cooking great

BBQ for your family and friends, a Blue Collar Pit is

exactly what you need. We currently

build a quality line of pits and smokers that will fit

most every budget. Every Pit is hand

crafted with extreme emphasis on every detail. We

have spent n numerous hours on

perfecting our offset design. Our smokers are

designed to run wide open without any

tunning plates or dampers. The temperatures

within the pit are very consistent and reliable

and they are also very economical on the wood


 - Blue Collar Products by Design LLC

Our goal is to give you the highest level of

craftsmanship, durability and precision

engineered design so that you get the best valueuj7i-km

around and a pit that will last you and your

family a lifetime.

Our pits cook just as good as they look and are

definetly not your grandpa’s pit.

Best firewood rack made. My brother in law had one first. I noticed how great it looked and liked the design. So I called to have one made and now I have one. Great prices too!

HunterSan Antonio TX
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