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Bee C Hive Stands

The Best Metal, Ant Proof, Hive Stands Made To Last

Bee C Hive StandsAre you tired of looking at your hives sitting on the ground on pallets or cinder blocks? Wouldn’t it be nice to proudly display your hives on professionally made, metal hive stands that provide your bees added protection against the natural predators?

Texas Built Beehive Stands - Blue Collar Products by Design LLC

Texas Built Beehive Stands

Ergonomic, Beekeeper Friendly Designed

Protected by U.S. Patent NO. D790137

Then the Bee C hive Stand may be exactly what you need. In constructing this patented bee hive stand, we successfully combine some older, proven practices with a more modern approach and design. These metal bee hive stands are currently constructed out of 14 gauge, 1 ½ square tubing. They standing 18 inches off the ground.  These Texas built beehive stands are designed to not only protect your investment but also provide some relief from the discomfort that continual bending over creates; hence, making Bee C Hive Stands a more ergonomic, beekeeper friendly design.

All Bee C Hives Stands come with 4×4 reservoirs that attach on each leg. They are intended to be filled with vegetable oil to inhibit ants and other unwanted pests from entering the hive. This helps allow for uninterrupted bee productivity. Each stand is also finished with an industrial grade Sherwin Williams coating to provide the ultimate protection and keep your hive stand looking good year after year.

Sorry at this time items cannot be shipped via Post Carriers, Does Not Apply To 1 and 2 Shippable Hive Stands. Pickup and local delivers only. Make sure to choose ‘Local Pickup’ to avoid additional delivery charges at Checkout.
Now Available - Blue Collar Products by Design LLC

Now Available

Shippable Hive Stands

We are proud to announce that our Single and Two Hive Stands have are now available in a shippable version.

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